Name Meanings of the 100 Most Popular Names

Finding out which are the most popular baby names is easy. Finding out what are the meanings of those names is not always that simple. However, since the name will definitely influence the baby’s life, the meaning of the name is sometimes more important than its popularity.

For this reason, we decided to reveal the true name meanings of the 100 most popular names. Here they are!

1 Olivia

Definitely one of the most popular feminine names, the name Olivia was invented by Shakespeare. The name means “olive tree”, but some sources claim that it would also mean “peace”. Therefore, the name could be a splendid choice for a peaceful baby girl and it could also be a beautiful name for the sibling of an Oliver.

2 Noah

The trends show that Noah is currently the most popular baby name for boys. The name has Hebrew origins, being used for the first time in the Old Testament. Probably all Christians know the history of Noah and his arch, but what you probably didn’t know is that Noah means “comfort” or “peace”.

3 Emma

A beautiful name with a bunch of beautiful meanings, Emma is associated with “universal”, “nurse”, or “the healer of the universe”, depending on the country where it is used. However, combining all these meanings, we must admit that it could be a beautiful name for a future nurse or physician.

4 Liam

Just as for Emma, Liam has a bunch of beautiful meanings. The one we like best, however, is “resolute defender”. It is said that those named Liam have leadership abilities and that they are destined to become powerful and wealthy. With all these qualities, there is no wonder why Liam is such a popular name for boys.

5 Sophia

In Greek, Sophia means “wisdom” and the name is also associated with a mythological goddess. The name is popular all over the Western world even if the spelling might differ from country to country.

6 Jackson

Even if Jackson literally means “the son of Jack”, we are pretty sure that many parents that aren’t named Jack use it for their sons. The proof is the wide popularity this name enjoys.

7 Ava

This extremely popular name can be associated with the Latin “avis” which basically means “bird”. However, some sources claim that Ava can be a contemporary form of Eva, name that means “life”. Regardless of which meaning you like, Ava is still a cute name.

8 Aidan

There is no doubt that Aidan is extremely popular in the English speaking countries, the name having Celtic origins. But there is to say that the name is slowly becoming popular in other countries and cultures too. Aidan means “fiery” and it could be suitable for a future fireman.

9 Isabela

This stylish Spanish name has a wonderful meaning, “God is bountiful” and it is said that the bearers of this name have a deep desire to learn the truths of the world. The name is also associated with charismatic leaders that value justice and discipline.

10 Lucas

Another popular boy name mentioned in the Bible is Lucas, a name that is spelled in many ways in various countries but that it is popular almost worldwide. Despite being so famous, Lucas doesn’t have an outstanding meaning. In fact, it actually means “from Lucania”, which is a district in Italy.

11 Mia

Mia doesn’t sound sophisticated, it is a multicultural name and actually a common word in Italian, meaning “mine”. Maybe a desperate intention to show their possessiveness can explain why many parents chose to name their daughters Mia. However, after all, the name is kind of cute.

12 Ethan

Another biblical name famous among the young parents is Ethan, a name of Hebrew origins that means “sturdy” or “firm”. The name is popular in many countries in the Western world and we also have to say that it is pretty attractive.

13 Emily

This unpretentious and simple name is still on the charts after centuries of popularity. It may be derived from the Latin Aemilia, meaning “trying to excel” or from the Greek Amalia, meaning “tender” or “kind”. Probably you will find out what was the meaning in your case when your baby girl will be a grown up woman.

14 Elijah

Elijah is another name inspired from the Bible and, in Hebrew, it means “Jehovah is God”. It is believed that the bearers of this name have humanitarian natures and that they make wonderful life partners. This, together with the fact that the name is really beautiful, is a good enough reason to name your son Elijah.

15 Lily

The name of a flower, Lily is considered to be a symbol of purity, being a splendid choice for a little baby girl. The name is popular in many countries in Europe and it is ranked in top 25 most popular names in the USA.

16 Jacob

Really popular and, in our opinion, a bit overused, Jacob is another name present in the Old Testament that has hit the charts of the popularity in the new millennium. Jacob means “supplanter” and it is a frequently used name in many European countries as well as in America.

17 Jessica

Just like Olivia, Jessica is one of the names first used by Shakespeare, and it is believed that he was inspired by a Hebrew name. Therefore, many claim that Jessica would actually mean “clairvoyance”. Whether this is its true meaning or not, the fact is that Jess is a cute nickname and Jessica a wonderful choice.

18 James

It is believed that James and Jacob have the same origin, namely the Hebrew name Yaakov. Therefore, there is no wonder why both names have the same meaning. This being said, if you don’t like Jacob then James could be a beautiful alternative.

19 Grace

Grace literally means “grace”, being a wonderful choice for a graceful young lady. Anyway, you should know that the Irish people believe that the name Grace derives from Grainne, a name that means “love”. With these beautiful meanings, we can only say that we understand why Grace is such as popular name.

20 Benjamin

Benjamin is another biblical name famous in all the Western world and it means “son of the south”. Now, we don’t say that you can’t name your son Benjamin if you’re from the north, as the symbolistic meaning probably don’t refer to the geographical direction.

21 Scarlett

Scarlett, meaning “scarlet” would be a splendid choice for a red-head. However, regardless of the color of the hair, the name reminds us of the strong character of Scarlett O’Hara from the “Gone With The Wind”.

22 Caden

Although there are some debates about the etymology of Caden, it is believed that this beautiful Gaelic name means “fighter”. For this reason, the name will fit like a glove a baby boy that fought for his life or who was born after a difficult pregnancy.

23 Ella

Ella is another name that leaves space to interpretation and personal preference when it comes to the meaning. In American English it means “foreign”, in British English it means “beautiful fairy woman”, while in Greek it means “illumination”.

24 Oliver

Besides of “olive tree”, the symbol of peace, Oliver means affectionate. It is said that the ones named Oliver are prone to work hard to achieve harmony and peace, while they are also compassionate, intuitive, and romantic.

25 Poppy

Inspired by the beautiful red flower with the same name, Poppy is a simple and beautiful name that can perfectly match either a red-head or a girl with a sweet personality.

26 Alexander

Alexander is not only a name given to many nobles and royal newborn, but it also has a simply wonderful meaning, “the defender of men”. Regardless if you believe in the meanings of the names or not, I have to say that I know a few Alexanders and they are all exquisite men.

27 Chloe

A beautiful name for a little baby girl, Chloe means “young” or “green”. Maybe this girl is meant to have a young spirit for all of her life.

28 Logan

If I were you I would think twice before naming my baby Logan. It is true that the name is stylish, but it means “descendent of the warrior”, therefore chances are you’ll raise a little rebel if you chose to give him this name.

29 Sienna

Sienna is another beautiful girl name ideal for a red-head, since the meaning of the name is “reddish”. As you can imagine, the name was inspired by the beautiful Italian city of Siena, the only difference between the two being the spelling.

30 Carter

Although it is a popular name, Carter doesn’t have an intense spiritual meaning. In fact, Carter means “cart driver”, and we can say that maybe it is a name destined to a future racer.

31 Freya

In old Norse, Freya means “lady”, and the name was attributed to the Norse goddess of beauty, love, war and death. There is to say that little girls typically break a lot of hearts, so maybe there isn’t any better name than this to give to a newborn girl.

32 Jayden

Jayden is considered to be a unisex name, but we consider it more of a masculine name. It means “thankful”, therefore it could be a beautiful name for a baby born after a long waiting.

33 Phoebe

Phoebe has Greek origins and it means “bright”. Thinking that the little girls are usually the light for the eyes of the parents, the name is definitely suitable for all baby girls.

34 Ryan

Since Ryan means “little king”, it is definitely a wonderful name for a baby boy. Ryan is actually considered a unisex name. However, taking into account the meaning and the fact that it actually sounds more like a masculine name, we really prefer it for boys.

35 Charlotte

Charlotte, the feminine form of Charles, means “manly”. However, when we think about Charlotte we generally have in mind a feminine and delicate little girl, therefore the name would probably suit a lovely little girl with a hidden “manly” character.

36 Matthew

Matthew is a popular name in many countries, even if it is spelled differently depending on the local language. But regardless of how it is spelled, the name means “gift of God”. The name is suitable for a baby that was desired for a long time, but we really hope that he will not grow to become a tax collector, the job Matthew, the one from the New Testament, had.

37 Florence

Florence, meaning “flourishing”, can be a perfect name for a sweet little girl. The name is popular all over the world, probably because of Florence’s (the city) charm. Alongside with Florence, another popular name you could use is Flora.

38 Dylan

We don’t know for sure which is Dylan’s etymology, but it is believed that it means “sea”. Regardless of the meaning, the name is definitely lovely, and we just hope that Dylan will not have a character as tormented as the sea.

39 Zoey

Initially born as a nickname for the name Zoe, Zoey means “life”, and it is definitely suitable for all baby girls. Zoey has Greek origins, but it is currently popular in many countries in both America and Europe.

40 Christopher

It may sound British, but Cristopher is actually a name with Greek origins and it means “the bearer of Christ”. It is useless to say that it could be an inspired choice for all Christian baby boys.

41 Natalie

The name means “birthday of the Lord” and it is the French version of the Russian name Natalia. In our humble opinion, Natalie could be a beautiful name for a girl born on the Christmas day, or for a girl born in December or at least in winter.

42 Isaac

Isaac is another popular boy name that can join the club of the Bible inspired names. However, Isaac actually means “laughter”, as his mother in the Old Testament, Sarah, was more or less 100 years old when she got pregnant. That’s why she considered her son something to laugh of.

43 Layla

Depending on where you’re from, Layla could have a different meaning. Of course, since in the modern world in which we live in everything is global, we believe that it is legit to choose the meaning you like most. Therefore, in the Arabic countries, Layla means “as intoxicating as wine”, in Africa it means “born in the night” and in America “dark beauty”.

44 Adam

The name of the virtually first man on Earth, Adam means simply “man”. Some also argue that the name could actually mean “earth”, as the first man was made from earth. But regardless of the meaning, the name is masculine, beautiful, and stylish.

45 Penelope

Penelope means “weaver” and it is definitely a classic name. We can find it in Homer’s Odyssey, but also in Harry Potter. The name probably owes its fame to the seductive Penelope Cruz and we can say that the name is really sophisticated.

46 Nathaniel

Nathaniel, as many other popular names, has Hebrew origins and means “he has given God”. It was the name of one of the less popular apostles of Jesus and it maintained its popularity throughout the centuries. Even if Nathaniel might seem a little bit out of fashion, its modern nicknames such as Nat or Nate are simply fabulous.

47 Samantha

Some sources say that Samantha was probably born as a feminine form for Samuel, that means “name of God”. But if we think of the popular Samantha from “Bewitched”, we can only say that this little girl will put a spell on everyone.

48 Jaxon

Jaxon is nothing but a more cosmopolite form for Jackson, and it means “son of Jack”. However, it is probably a more suitable choice if the father of the baby isn’t named Jack.

49 Nora

Nora became a standing-alone given name after it was previously used as a nickname for Honora, meaning “honor”. Nora is definitely on the trends, but if you’re looking for a really unique name, Honora is probably the way to go.

50 Owen

In Celtic, Owen means “well born”. In Welsh it means “uncertain”. Since the birth of your child is definitely certain, well born is probably a more appropriate meaning for this beautiful name.

51 Camilla

Camilla is the feminine form of Camillus, probably an Etruscan name born on the territory of Italy. There is no confirmed meaning for this name, but the name is charming anyway.

52 Julian

Julian means “soft-haired” and the name is typically associated with youth. Although the name is Roman, the current spelling is preferred in Spain nowadays. In Italy they spell it Giuliano while the French prefer the form Julien, Julian with an “e”.

53 Ariana

This beautiful and popular girl name means “the very holy one” and, in our opinion, it is a perfect name for the daughter of a couple of practicing Christians. Another possible meaning is “silvery”. 

54 Landon

Landon has only been used as a given name in the recent years, being originally used as a surname. It means “ridge” and it is only popular in the US and in Canada.

55 Ellie

Originally Ellie was a nickname for Ellen or Eleanor and it means “bright shining one”. However, there is nothing sophisticated about the name, in fact Ellie is short, simple and feminine.

56 Jonathan

When it comes to boy names that mean “gift of God”, parents really have plenty of options. Jonathan is one of them and we have to say that the name is beautiful. If you want a more original version, you can use Johnathan, although your son will probably have to explain for the rest of his life that it is Johnathan, Jonathan with an “h”.

57 Eleanor

Eleanor is a name almost exclusively used in the English speaking countries, but it has French origins. The meaning of the name is not known, but the name is simply beautiful.

58 Cameron

Meaning “crooked nose”, Cameron is a Scottish name popular all over the world. However, we have to mention that its popularity doesn’t refer to the name being used as a boy name, but rather as a unisex name, Cameron being made famous worldwide by a female, the actress Cameron Diaz.

59 Gabriella

Gabriella is the feminine version of Gabriel, one of the archangels from the New Testament. Gabriel means “man of God”, so we can only imagine that Gabriella would mean “woman of God”.

60 Adrian

Derived from the Latin Hadrianus, Adrian means “from Hadria”, a small town located in the northern Italy that gave the name to the Adriatic Sea. The name is popular worldwide, and if you want to use a more cosmopolite version, you can try Adriano.

61 Stella

Stella means “star” and it can be a destined name for a future girl that is meant to shine in one way or another. The name sounds good as it is, but other fashionable versions are Estrella and Estella.

62 Joshua

It seems that the list of popular boy names from the Bible is really long, Joshua being another popular name among the parents of the new millennium. It means “God is salvation” and, as many other names, it is perfect for a little Christian. Since Josh is such a cosmopolite nickname, we don’t have any doubts regarding the future popularity of the name.

63 Aurora

Aurora means “dawn” and it could be a perfect choice for a baby girl delivered early in the morning. Many also associate the name with the Aurora Borealis, the colorful, stunning Northern Lights.

64 Nicholas

The name of St Nicholas, the one that gave his name to Santa Claus, means “the victory of people”. It is a name that will never be considered out of fashion and Nick is a beautiful nickname.

65 Alessandra

Alessandra is the softer, more feminine version of Alexandra, the feminine version of Alexander. It means “defender of men” and even if Alessandra was originally the Italian or Spanish spelling of Alexandra, it is now used worldwide.

66 Dominic

Dominic has its origins in the Latin Dominicus and it means “of the Lord”. Traditionally given to the boys delivered on Sunday, Dominic is now a popular name that is given to boys born on any day of the week. However, it is mainly used by the Catholics.

67 Sarah

Mentioned in the Genesis, Sarah means “princess” and it is a name more than suitable for the little princess of the family. What is stunning, however, is the fact that despite the age of the name, it has such a contemporary freshness that it’s striking.

68 Chase

Chase is a unisex name and it means “to hunt”. Initially the name was used as a surname given to the hunters, but today it can be a suitable name for those cute little babies that chase our hearts.

69 Caroline

Although it is an exclusively feminine name, probably the feminine of Carol, Caroline means “free man”. The name is popular in many European countries and in the US.

70 Ian

Ian is the Scottish form of John that means “God is gracious”. The name is popular mainly in the English speaking countries, while in some European countries it is popular Ianis, a more elaborated form of Ian.

71 Hazel

I have to admit that Hazel has always been on my personal top five most favorite names, and it seems that many other parents love this name. As you can imagine, the name refers to the hazel tree, but it still is one of the sweetest names I have ever heard.

72 William

William means “desire to protect” and it is one of those names that has stand the test of time. William has always been popular, and it definitely is a name that we love.

73 Serenity

Serenity means “peaceful disposition” and it can be a beautiful name for a serene little girl. It is also a suitable name for a long-desired baby girl, since she will bring some peace to her parents.

74 Tyler

Tyler is a name mostly used in the English speaking countries and, as many other names, it is a surname transformed into a given name. It literally means “tile layer” and it is now considered a trendy unisex name.

75 Eva

Eva was the name of the first woman on earth and it means “to breathe” or “to live”. Eva is stylish on its own, but if you feel like making the name even more cosmopolite, you can use Ewa or Eve.

76 Xavier

It is believed that Xavier means “bright” and it has Basque or Arabic origins. Xavier is a popular name in many countries around the world, and, although it is not as popular as the Bible inspired names, we have to admit that it has a special charm. Another stylish form of Xavier is the Spanish Javier.

77 Yvonne

Yvonne means “yew” and is one of those stylish girl names that has a French seductiveness. Nonetheless, we imagine a delicate, blonde little girl dressed in a silk white dress wandering around the woods when we hear the name Yvonne.

78 Theodore

Not so long ago, Theodore was considered a boring old-fashioned name. However, it is now one of the most popular boy names and it means “divine gift”. With such a strong meaning, the name is suitable for a long desired baby boy that finally sees the light of the day.

79 Brianna

Brianna means “strong” or “she ascends” and it is usually considered to be the feminine form of Brian. It is believed that the girls named Brianna have the power to inspire others in a higher cause and that they love the change and the adventure. However, it is also believed that Briannas have a free spirit and that they are rather rebellious girls.

80 Elias

Elias, considered to be a different spelling of Elijah, means “my god is the Lord”. The name is popular in almost all English speaking countries and in Greece. Basically, depending on your preference, you can freely choose between Elias and Elijah the spelling you like best.

81 Ruby

Ruby’s meaning is pretty simple to understand, it refers to the beautiful red gem called in the same way. Ruby is a popular name in the English speaking countries and since the gem is considered to be the precious stone of those born in July, the name is perfect for a baby girl born in the middle of the summer. The name is also suitable for a beautiful red-head.

82 Leonard

Leonard means “brave lion”, being a beautiful name for a brave baby boy. While we believe that Leonard is elegant and stylish, we also understand that some parents might prefer a more contemporary spelling, therefore you could also consider Leonardo. In both cases, Leo could be a cool nickname.

83 Annabelle

Annabelle is an attractive name, popular in many parts of the world, and it actually means “joy”. After all, what could bring more joy than the birth of your little girl? It is believed that the girls named Annabelle tend to express themselves in many creative ways and that they tend to be successful in life.

84 Maxwell

Maxwell means “great spring” and we believe that Maxwell could be your great spring of joy. Max is definitely a cute nickname.

85 Alicia

Alicia is considered to be the Latinized form of Alice, a name that derives from Adelaide. As Adelaide is a French name, we actually believe that it is the other way around, and Alice is the English form of Alicia. Nonetheless, the name means “noble” and “kind”, being a splendid name for a future kind and noble woman. When it comes to alternatives, we already gave you two.

86 Louis

Louis means “renowned warrior”. Now we understand why some of the most famous French kings were always obsessed with conquering the world. Returning to the name, Louis was the name of many important men along the history, to name just two: Louis Pasteur and Louis Armstrong.

87 Vivian

For a long time Vivian was considered an old-fashioned name but it is now facing a revival. After all, Vivian means “alive”.

88 Thomas

Thomas means “twin” and it is believed that the boys named Thomas have the ability to understand the deeper truths of the world, loving to analyze the world they live in. They are generally quiet boys and tend to be charismatic leaders.

89 Jasmin

The name is bond to the delicate jasmine flower and, with this spelling, it is considered a unisex name. If you want to use a definitely more feminine version, you could simply add an “e” to the end of the word.

90 Andrew

Andrew is a name of Greek origins and it means “manly”. With this spelling, the name is popular above all in the English speaking countries, but if you would rather use a more European version, know that there are plenty of choices. A stylish choice is the Italian Andrea, or you could give a thought to the Spanish Andrés. André, the French spelling, is also beautiful and romantic.

91 Delilah

Delilah means “to flirt” and the original Delilah, the one from the Bible, is actually considered to be the first “femme fatale” in the history. If you don’t mind the origins, then the melodic femininity of the name Delilah will definitely seduce you.

92 Michael

Michael means “who is like God?” and we don’t think that the question is meant to be interpreted in a narcissistic way. Besides, Michael is one of the three famous archangels from the Bible and the name definitely stands the test of time in terms of popularity.

93 Josephine

Although the origins of Josephine are Jewish, the name meaning “may Jehovah increase”, the name is considered as being French. In fact, Josephine has the melodic French sound of those names that are meant to seduce, while it is said that the girls named Josephine tend to be idealistic and intellectual.

94 Jeremiah

Jeremiah is another name with Hebrew origins and it means “god will uplift”. The name is spiritual and cosmopolite at the same time, being one of those classic names that will always be considered a modern choice.

95 Sydney

Sienna and Florence are not the only names that are inspired by the names of a city, and Italy is not the only country in the world with attractive cities that inspire the future parents. But if Sienna and Florence are rather romantic names, just as the cities, Sydney is modern, cosmopolite and unisex. It makes a great choice as a girl name, though.

96 Vincent

Vincent means “conquering”, and it could be a beautiful name for a boy destined to conquer the respect of the masses through art. Yes, because when we think about Vincent a figure that comes to mind is that of Vincent Van Gogh, to name just one of the many artists that bared this name.

97 Ariel

In the list of popular girl names inspired by places we can find Ariel too, although the name is given by a place that doesn’t exist anymore. In fact, Ariel is mentioned in the Bible as the city where David lived, but this is not the only meaning of the name. Ariel also means “hero”, and you should know that even if the name was made famous by the delicate mermaid imagined by Disney, the name is also used as a boy name, especially in Israel.

98 Justin

Justin means “upright” and it is another popular name that has Hebrew origins and that was first mentioned in the Bible. People with this name tend to be creative and they often choose professions that allow them to express their creativity, by singing, painting, writing or acting.

99 Ximena

Ximena is considered to be the feminine version of Simon and it means “listener”. The name is popular in many countries around the globe, above all in the Spanish speaking countries. It is also ranked as the first most popular girl name in Mexico. While Ximena is definitely a stylish name, you could also consider Jimena and Simona as alternatives.

100 Diego

Diego might be just the Spanish version of James, but the truth is that it has such a different sound that we are not marveled that it is considered one of the most popular names for boys. Diego sounds attractive, romantic and seductive, and we can only imagine how handsome your baby boy will be once he grows up. As James, Diego means “the one that replaces”.

Now, that you learned the name meanings of the 100 most popular names you only have to choose your favorite one and announce it to the friends and family. Without a doubt, the best way to do this is by throwing a baby shower.

However, we are curious about your choice too. Why don’t you tell us what the future name of your child will be by leaving a comment below? Don’t worry if you didn’t pick from this list, a unique name might inspire other moms too.

And if you have other pregnant friends, you could also share this article with them. We all know how important the choice of the name is, and this post might inspire your future moms friends.

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